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Bachelor Party

What is Bachelor Party ?
What people talk in that get together ?
Should only Bachelors come there ?
Why do people booze in B Parties ?

I do not know the answers to these questions but I can take you through a party I have attended recently!!!!

One of my friends called me and said “I started to B Party….do come soon…don’t be late”.
Many people think I am lazy……. naturally they double invite me 🙂

I went to party with expected late time and saw a big group already gathered and arranging the food stuffs and B Bottles. Had to put my hand in the setting up things and at the same time getting introduced to newbies. Floor was setup in no time and people formed a big circle surrounding the stuff. Generally when ppl sit for a gathering without their conscience they would sit a in CIRCLE and feel that is MY CIRCLE (Google also inspired by these circle’s)

Few more entering the den and adjusting in that circle and most of them are already part of some multiple tasks…..eating…talking…drinking… and was like …

“Kaila glass u….mama…only engliss
handla glass u ….glass la beer u…..mouth fullaa chickenuuuu… “

Every one injected 1st bottle into their body…Till that time general “Hi” things were going and then B-Bottles started their effect by triggering amygdala

General discussion on movies started and slowly people changing gears by supporting their favorite hero and screwing others. It took only few mins to separate 3 teams. 2 of them are playing head on head and 3rd one was spectator team also enjoying the game.

A drizzling discussion soon converted to heavy rain  and at that time no one thought it would turn ON a cyclone.

By the time second stage of quota ended, discussions were heated up and created a mouth fight between celebrities and legends.

To show some diversification,set non bachelors who were also invited, entered discussion and throwed their voice by expressing happies and sorrows of future.

As per philosophers, every coin has two sides…and future life depends on the how many times you win a toss…
Clash of titans was put on hold for some time and every one started listening experienced professionals.

Mean while one guy opened the sticker of beer bottle which has ethyl alcohol printed on that. Quick diversion took and group started taking chemistry language. Two teams now united and increasing their basics on organic chemistry. One after other started questioning abt various chemical formulae includes (h2so4, coo, c12 many more). And quiz competition went on for few mins. Nearly 20 formulae were on the floor in span of 2-3 mins.

Discussion which was started with ethyl has almost covered acids and bases and finally they calmed down after Benzene, Glucose  chemical formulae’s

No one knows why the topic abruptly changed to chemistry class but every one participated in debate
Many of them for first time got to know that Beer bottle has 5-7% of alcohol.

I was wondering why this topic was soo boring in 12th  ???

Then ultimate episode of the gathering begun with RINGA RINGA dance competition. Same song was played 4-5 times not sure coz host name matches with lyric of song. Later Munni and Sheela got badnaam on same stage. Eyewitnessed some great dancers…..every one has their own rhythm and style of singing & dancing.

Host was unanimous winner of the competition as he out performs others with his energetic steps.

Bachelor bumps were gifted to host with loads of love 🙂

All your internal hidden suppressed talents comes out as firing bullets when you are on cloud nine.

When every one was tired….heat of topic 1 was reignited and new concept of MEGA BLOOD !!!! introduced by another young blood. “GYM”ick personality revealed his taste of hero and again discussion (fight) went on for half an hour

Finally finally finally few win-win resolutions were passed by committee members of two teams.

Finally at 1 AM, team started to have their planned dinner and had review meeting of the gathering with laughs and shoutings
All the heat generated was evacuated slowly and every one was abt to sleep…….including me.

After hectic discussions and tiresome performance, I headed back home with virtual visuals of occasion.

People came to know about some articulate performances and shocking tastes of their near and dear only when they were on new moon 99.

Host’s idea behind party is to celebrate to maximum extent before a great fall (in love or depression depends on toss)
Guest’s idea was to have blast with one of their mates for last time ever after

Is this a true Bachelor Party ?


Comments on: "Bachelor Party" (7)

  1. Well written ra Chaithu. You have a writer in you for sure 🙂

    Few lines are really good and you should get into a habit of write more from now.

  2. Hemanth said:

    Trust Me…!!!!..
    It just refreshed my MIND readin this..!!!!..

  3. Prabhakar said:

    sarle ra… its nice..

  4. padmaja said:

    Not sure about Bacherlor’s party…but it is really well written and for me it is refreshing..not bcz of the content but bcz of the style of writing …and quite surprised to know that you have this great talent…and there will be no surprise of you getting huge fans for ur writings in near future if u fine tune the same..hoping to read more and more articles …

  5. TirupathiRao said:

    I don’t know answere to your question, but all i can say is CHAITU is a good story narrator better try in tollywood

    Q: I was wondering why this topic was soo boring in 12th ???
    Ans: Because you are not habituated to B in Class 12th :-):-):-)

    • heyyyy babu….dont reveal secrets of life …. shhhhhhhhh

      Btw, Thanks for the compliment and unthanks for the comment
      Balance of eqn 🙂

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