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Below are some questions i found them while surfing. I thought these will help you in preparing. And i have gave my answers not sure whether they are correct or wrong

  • There are no dumps for this exam.

Questions :

LDAP server copies the content to content server
a)users and groups
b)users and permissions
c)groups and permissions
d)users, groups and permissions
Ans : a

We have scenarios of three content servers located in diff places and they access same data base
what does this architecture defines

1) federation repository
2) single point repository
3) multiple point repository
4) “stack repository”

User has to import large volume of data into repository, and also user needs to add metadata based on categories
How is this possible

a)Content Intelligent Services
b)Documentum Import Manager

My Ans : a

Attribute to store life cycle id in dm_sysobject

Ans : r_policy_id

Which is true about renditions
a)more than one rendition of same object can exists of same format
b)renditions can be done only thru DTS
c)diff renditions of same object can have diff ACL’s applied on them
d)diff renditions of same object can exists in diff folder

What is documentum says about aspects
a) Aspects name and aspects type shld be same
b) Aspects name and aspects type shld be different
c) Default aspect name shld be used

Based on the priority which of the below will be considered first for presets
a) folder path
b) object_type
c) user
d) permission set

Aliase set can be used for
a) Group of documents
b) lifecycle’s performer
c) folder path
d) components in virtual document

DQL query to get documents modified in previous day

a) r_modified_date = date(yesterday)
b) r_modified_date >= date(yesterday)
c) r_modified_date = date(yesterday) and r_modified_date = date(yesterday) and r_modified_date < date(today)

DQL query to get all documents whose authors=”ABC” or authors=”XYZ” or both

a) where any authors=’ABC’ and ‘XYZ’
b) where authors=’ABC’ or ‘XYZ’
c) where any authors=’ABC’ or any authors=’XYZ’
d) where any authors=’ABC’ and any authors=’XYZ’

Which products is used to secure the content after moving out of repository
answer : Trusted Content Server…. not sure of this 🙂

Which objects can be added into virtual document
a) dm_folder and dmr_content
b) dm_sysobject and dm_document
c) dmr_content and dm_document
d) dmr_content and my_document (subtype of dm_document)

Please see below structure
– my_document
– test_document

– custom_document
– my_sop_document

What is the valid object change can occur
a) my_sop_document to custom_document
b) my_sop_document to dm_document
c) my_document to custom_document
d) my_sop_document to my_document

Ways to add components in Virtual Document
create new document,drag and drop, add to clip board
create new document, add to clip board, import new document
create new document, import new document, drag and drop
create new document, drag and drop, add to clip board, import new document

Virtual Doc is there and as a part of 1st edition they have made a frozen snap shot, now authors want’s to make a new edition
Which of these are possible

a) create a new version of docs part of snap shot will create a new snapshot
b) Modify of docs in snap shot and save them as new version
c) authors can’t modify docs which are part of snap shot
d) create a new version of docs part of snap shot will create a new virtual document

Snapshot of VD is stored as
a) dm_document
b) dm_assembly
c) dm_virtual_document

Below are the basic permission to perform view and modify content

a) View and Write
b) Read and Execute
c) Edit and Relate
d) Relate and Version

Attributes used to get documents which are created and updated in last month
a) r_creation_date
b) r_modified_date

DQL query is used to
a) update content
b) retrieve, delete, update metadata
c) retrieve, update metadata

Which clause is used to retrive data from objects

Which of these below are used in DOT NET in conjunction with Documentum/Conent management
a) DFC
b) DFS
c) Web services
d) WDK

Definition of Workflow?
A workflow formalizes a business process such as a medical claims process

User needs to make some configurations, user shld be a part of
I am not sure of answer but i guess user shld be a part of “dmc_wdk_presets_coordinator” role

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