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Dear all,

Below content is about Documentum Certification (E20-120).
LINK : http://mylearn.emc.com/portals/home/ml.cfm?actionID=372

I gave EMC Proven Professional Exam (E20-120), few days ago. And i am happy to say that i have cleared the exam with 87%.

For my preparation, i had to search many places for help/guidance/suggestions.
In fact,  i found few links and some material from “WWW”

Finally,  from the mixture i found, i consolidated all the content and added little of my experience and placed the things before you and i hope u can takeoff for the preparation

> I took exam in NIIT, basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

> Just go there, pay Rs 10,000/- and get your slot booked for the examination

> Instructor will provide a system and logs into the machine with ID and pwd

> I selected “EMC Other” (option) to begin my examination

> There will be 60 questions to attempt and time will be 2 hours

> All are single answered questions (To be more techi…radio buttons)

> You need to get 71% of marks to clear the exam (~43 questions)

> And lastly you could get the print out of your exam report


1) Content Server Fundamentals — Very Important
2) Know about other products (CIS, Federation etc) and purpose of these (9-questions from Architecture)
3) Webtop User Guide (6.5) –> Presets and Relationships and Virtual documents
questions were like steps to create components/child docs in VD
3) Concepts Aspects, Presets and Relationships
4) Technical Fundamentals of Documentum (I had hard copy of 5.25, get the latest if possible)
5) 4-5 Questions from DQL alone (DQL Reference Guide)
6) EMC Site practice test and some other links (15 questions)
7) Go thru Pawan Kumar book, and attempt practice questions. (It helped me knowing few things, which i was unaware earlier)
8 ) Last but not least dm_cram website (no questions from this site, but take exams and know ur confidence level topic wise)

Exam Description :

NOTE : After exam when i prepared a list of questions appeared most of questions/concepts were there in CS Fundamentals

Section Wise questions
Content Management : 21
Users and Groups : 6
Object Security : 3
Workflow and LC : 9
Administration : 12
Architecture : 9

Questions appeared in my exam

Sample Questions from WWW

EMC & Other Links

EXAM Retake Policy
If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, you may retake the exam at any time.If you do not pass an exam on your second attempt, then you must wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) between each addition attempt.
If you need to retake an exam that you have already passed in order to fulfill a certification track requirement, you may do so after 3 months

Other Links

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Comments on: "Documentum Certification (E20-120)" (15)

  1. Very Valuable information …thanks Krishna

  2. Great article. Keep writing regularly. Good luck!!

  3. Nice initiation Chaitanya… Continue the same spirit.

  4. Hi Chaitanya,

    Nice article, if we failed in the first attempt we need to pay the 10000 once again on the second attempt?


    • Yes Prasad.

      We have to pay 10K again. We can write this attempt when ever you want.
      But if any one failed to clear in second attempt also, then he/she needs to pay 10K again and has to wait 14 days to take re-exam.

      • Thanks Chaitanya,

        do we get any cerficate kind of from EMC after pasing the exam,

        how we can track our certified details through EMC (through mylearn site or some other sites)

      • Yeah we do get hard copy and soft copy certificates.

        In the test center you should provide your address and email id and other things
        then a EMC account will be created they will mail you all the details and also send you the EMC Certificate to your mail account.

  5. Hi Chaitanya,

    I am planning to take E20-120 certification. How many days of preparation would be needed for taking the exam.

    I have total & relevant experience of 5.5 years in Documentum.

    I am currently working in Documentum 6.7. Is the E20-120 exam covers the latest version of Documentum 6.7?

    Please advice how to start with for the exam preparation.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Karthik,

      I feel < 1 month of preparation is sufficient….but it depends
      And I wrote this exam a year back and then it was on 6.5

      There are few books printed on certifications….check them and do cover all the topics mentioned in the book
      And also check the EMC Model test exam available on emc website…it is quite good

      Rather than your preparation……your wrk expereince is much more helpful

      • Hi Chaitanya,

        Thanks a lot for your response. I have started preparing for the certification. I have 2 books

        1. Gaurav Kathuria’s book Web Content Mgmt with DCTM
        2. Documentum Content Management Foundations – PAwan Kumar

        Is there any other booko available for the certification preparation.? If so could you please share the book details.

        Thanks & Regards,


  6. How much brain dumps helped you?

  7. Unnati Bindal said:

    i have 2 mnth expereince in working on documentum. how much time will be required to prepare for exam. and please suggest me book also

    • Refer below books for basic questions
      1. Gaurav Kathuria’s book Web Content Mgmt with DCTM
      2. Documentum Content Management Foundations – Pawan Kumar

      But i would suggest, content server,object model pdf(i know those are nt reading friendly) would fetch more information than those books

  8. Hi,

    First of all thanks for the information.

    What is the current certification model as we have new Content server version 7.x .

    Thanks Again.

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